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Ana Laíns, fado, Portugal

In the course of 2007, after the release of her debut album "Sentidos", while a new wave called "Novo Fado" was being born, Ana Laíns stood out in Athens when she was announced at the prestigious Club Half Note as the  "Diva of a different Fado".

Listening to Ana Laíns is learning about an entire country, Portugal, in one soul.

The Portugalness which is her identity and greatest passion, is at the same time, her passport to the world where she has been performing for over 20 years with unquestionable success.

Ana Laíns, Ivan Lins fado Portugal
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Ana Laíns, Boy George fado Portugal

“Ana Laíns is one of the most beautiful voices in Portugal. Amazing singer. She has an eclectic repertoire, which goes from Fado to Alentejo’s singing form. This diversity is responsible for her to be a very interesting performer.”
Ivan Líns

(brazilian musician)

 “Your voice is sublime”
Boy George
(British singer-songwriter)

“Ana Laíns, with Portucalis, is the personification of Portuguese identity”
Mixed World Music, Netherlands
(music specialized media)

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